Zemanta a semantic web application

Blog better using ZemantaImage by chucks via Flickr

Searching semantic web over the Internet I have found an application called Zemanta. With Zemanta you can add content to blogs or webmail messages. Zemanta uses a semantic web engine who understands the sense of what you are writing and suggests in real time the related content stored into its database. Pictures, Wikipedia, Facebook and Twitter profiles, links to websites, tags and related blog articles are suggested by Zemanta and may be added into your blog post or email in a couple of clicks.In addition with Zemanta is possible to add into your Zemanta’s profile your personal sources of information like social networks, contacts, feeds and favourite links.

The semantic web is an amazing evolution of the Internet. As a lawyer I think that the semantic web solutions could be great tools for the researcher in the legal field. Thanks to semantic web our computers will not only be used to write documents, store data and connect with others: computers will be able to understand the meaning of what we are writing and then suggest more information. In a nutshell the semantic web could be a great step toward artificial intelligence.

From the use of semantic web applications will certainly arise new big privacy and copyright issues. We should rethink traditional copyright law categories and the use of creative commons licenses may give a good solution to a great part of this this matter. New business models are also needed. Theese are the big challenges to lawyers and people involved in the media business.


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