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How to ask for an estimate of lawyer’s fees on a separation or divorce

The time of choosing a lawyer is very important, but you also need to know in advance what your lawyer’s costs will be approximately.

Law No. 124 of August 4, 2017 (“Annual Law for Market and Competition”), which came into force on August 29, 2017, introduced the obligation for the lawyer to provide an estimate. The estimate must contain the foreseeable measure of the cost of the service, distinguishing between charges, expenses, including flat fees, and professional fees.

In order for the calculation of foreseeable costs to be as close to reality as possible, it is important that the lawyer has the opportunity to examine your case and talk to you.

The estimate is free of charge since it is part of the lawyer’s disclosure obligations, but the first consultation may be chargeable. For the preparation of a reliable estimate I will necessarily have to examine the record and study the matter you submit to me, and a fee may be charged for such activities. Any fee for the first consultation will also, of course, be agreed upon. My relationship with my clients has always been based on the principles of fairness and transparency, please respect my time.

Here are the 3 things to do when requesting a quote on a separation or divorce

  1. Fill out the form below or email mario@sabatino.pro. This is my preferred option but alternatively you can also call 0639745668 or book an appointment at the firm. The consultation at the studio will have a cost that will be communicated to you beforehand. I can also receive you by videoconference.
  2. Send documents concerning you to the e-mail address I will notify you of. I never receive documents through messaging systems. I care about the confidentiality of your data and do not consider these tools suitable for the exchange of communications, often of a sensitive or confidential nature,
  3. Wait for my quote, which you will have to sign along with a professional service contract. You need not be frightened, signing a contract and accepting an estimate is a guarantee and a benefit to all. Knowing the costs of legal action can help you manage it better financially. I am of course available for installment payments, if you would like to take advantage of this facility please let me know.

For information fill out the form below or call 0639745668

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